Certified Service at Cavender Cadillac

You have places to be and tasks you need to complete. Nobody wants to be stuck waiting for haphazard auto repair outfit fumble through trying to fix is simple issue with a precision-built Cadillac coupe, sedan or SUV. Every service technician at Cavender Cadillac is continually updating their factory-approved training to ensure they are always using the latest techniques and best practices to maintain your Cadillac vehicle.

Cadillac Service Offers

By following the maintenance plan laid out in your Cadillac owner’s manual, you are giving yourself the best chance to keep your Cadillac vehicle running in the way its builders intended. To entice people to use the experts at Cavender Cadillac for those maintenance or service needs, the automaker will issue offers on selected services. This is also a great way to save money on scheduled vehicle maintenance.

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Maintain your Cadillac Vehicle

Cadillac engineers have laid out the recommended way to maintain and service every Cadillac vehicle that is purchased or leased at Cavender Cadillac. Each mileage interval brings with it a new set of tasks that must be performed. Many of the newest Cadillac vehicles may be eligible for Cadillac Premium Care Maintenance.

*Cadillac Premium Care Maintenance includes scheduled maintenance services for every Cadillac vehicle purchased or leased start with the 2011 model-year and after for four years or 50,000, whichever occurs first

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Auto Parts & Repair

Cavender Cadillac only uses premium, factory-approved original equipment manufacturer parts for each service appointment. Cadillac vehicles arrive to the customer with these approved parts under the hood. They can be crucial to the continued reliability of the vehicle. Additional information about Cadillac services, maintenance and components can be found in the owner’s manual.

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Tire Service

The outstanding performance and handling of Cadillac vehicles requires the use of approved tires. Not only that, these tires must be inflated to the proper psi and be of the right size. The experts at the Cavender Cadillac Service Center can help customers find the perfect tire to fit their needs and budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cadillac representatives routinely collect common inquiries from local dealerships like Cavender Cadillac. These questions are compiled on a national level and published to be a primary resource for frequently asked questions about the maintenance and upkeep of Cadillac vehicles.

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Cadillac Owner Center

JAs the owner of a Cadillac vehicle, you may have a question or issue that you need answered immediately. The Cadillac Owner Center can deliver a huge amount of information with very little prompting. It is like having an owner’s manual on your computer.

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Certified Cadillac Tire Service

In order to get the most performance and fuel-economy possible out of your Cadillac vehicle, you need to have the proper tires installed. The tires on your Cadillac coupe, sedan or SUV are responsible for so much more than just rolling along. A Cavender Cadillac Tire Expert will be able to help you find the perfect tires to fit your need.

How do I know if I need new tires?

Just how long a set of tires will last on your Cadillac vehicle depends on how you drive your vehicle and the environment in which you drive. Hard driving combined with potholes in roads can lessen the life of a set of tires. Modern tires have a way of letting you know they need attention long before you are likely to suffer a blowout from the tread getting too low.

You will need a new tire when:

  • Three or more indicators can be seen around the tire.
  • The metal belt, pieces of cord or fabric is showing through the rubber.
  • Cracks appear in the sidewall or tread that show cord or fabric.
  • There is a bulge or split in the tire.
  • The tire continuously leaks air, even after a proper patch has been applied.

Finding the proper Cadillac Tires

Each Cadillac model has a different set of requirements that require a different set of tires. The tire experts at Cavender Cadillac will be able to work with you to find exactly what you need. The Cavender Cadillac tire department only stocks the best tires from the best manufacturers like BFGoodrich, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop and Firestone. These tire-makers know how to help get the best out of every vehicle.

Scheduling an appointment to get new tires is easier than ever with Cavender Cadillac. A customer simply needs to click on the “Schedule Service” menu at the top of the page and fill out the form. Once the our service team has received the request, they will contact the customer to confirm the appointment.


Tire air pressure

As long as there isn’t a puncture in the tire, most of today’s modern tires do a pretty good job of maintaining tire pressure. However, it is still a good idea to break out the classic stick gauge to check each tire. The proper pressure will be printed in the vehicle’s owner’s manual as well on the inside of the door frame. Some environmental factors can cause a change in the pressure of a tire.

The outside temperature can cause the air inside of a tire to expand and contract with its changes. On average, a tire will gain or lose as much as one psi with every 10 degree rise or fall in ambient temperature. Depending on the climate where the tires lives most of the time, this can have serious consequences for the life of a tire.

Problems with underinflated tires:

  • Lower lifespan or odd wear patterns
  • Difficult handling.
  • Lost fuel-economy.

Problems with overinflated tires:

  • Odd wear patterns.
  • Increased stopping distance.
  • Again, reduction in fuel-economy.


Monitoring tire pressure

Even though there are electronic system to monitor air pressure in tires. It is still advised in the owner’s manual to make sure everything is accurate by using a regular tire gauge. This is one of the standard points of every inspection during a service appointment at Cavender Cadillac. We are happy to perform this service to all of our customers.

Tire pressure monitoring systems

Most of the Cadillac vehicles sold in the last few years come with tire pressure monitors. This is an easy way to check the pressure of each tire from inside of the vehicle. However, even with the cutting edge technology, owners are still advised to use the tried and true method of using a standard tire gauge. We can do this for you free of charge if you stop by the service department anytime.

Rotating tires

IRotating tires is a science. Cadillac engineers have laid out the proper way this should be done in the owner’s manual of your Cadillac vehicle. Tires that are kept in the same spot on the car for too long will start to develop flat spots in the tread. Moving the tires around the vehicle in the proper manner will help avoid this problem.

Tire Alignment

When the steering system and suspension isn’t aligned, it can cause the tires to wear out faster than normal. You can tell this is the case if the car wants to pull one way or another without you have putting pressure on the steering wheel. A quick stop by the Cavender Cadillac Service Department will tell you if this is the case.

A Cavender Cadillac service technician can determine if a vehicle needs front, rear or all four wheels aligned, per the manufacturer’s specifications.


GCadillac Maintenance Schedule

Determining when each schedule maintenance task should be completed is clearly and precisely laid out in the owner’s manual of your Cadillac vehicle. The complexity of modern Cadillac vehicles makes it very necessary to bring them into the Cavender Cadillac Service Department to utilize the latest tools we have at our disposal. Also, you vehicle may be eligible for Cadillac Premium Care Maintenance.

WWhat is Cadillac Premium Care Maintenance?

Cadillac Premium Care Maintenance comes with the sale or lease of all Cadillac vehicles driven home after 2011. This Cadillac certified service helps you maintain your vehicle by providing complimentary services like oil changes and tire rotations at the proper mileage intervals. You will also get multi-point inspections, filter replacements and bumper-to-bumper limited warranty. Roadside assistance and courtesy transportation are also included.

Cadillac Oil Changes

Having a high-performance luxury vehicle like any of the Cadillac models available at Cavender Cadillac requires following a basic maintenance plan. This includes regular oil changes from a certified Cadillac specialist. Any Cavender Cadillac Service Technician would be happy to explain how this process works and why it is important.

Engine oil life system

New Cadillac vehicles can handle much of the everyday monitoring of how the oil in the engine is doing. Advanced Oil Life Monitoring on the Cadillac line of vehicles is known as the Engine Oil Life System. The OLS will continuously take a look at how the oil is holding up and will give the driver an alert when it is time to schedule an appointment for service.

When the oil change is complete, the OLS will be reset by a service technician at the dealership. However, there is a way for the home-based mechanic to reset the OLS. Simply refer to the vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Checking the oil of a Cadillac vehicle

The best way to check the oil manually on a Cadillac vehicle is clearly laid out in each vehicle’s owner’s manual. However, a good rule of thumb is to make sure the vehicle is still a little warm and that it is sitting on a level surface. This will give you the best chance to get an accurate reading from the dipstick


Maintaining Cadillac Brakes

With all of the power that can be produced by a new Cadillac sedan, coupe or SUV, it is very important that the vehicle can be brought to a stop as quickly as possible. Several Cadillac models use racing-inspired braking systems and components. Even though many of these systems are state-of-the-art, they still need to maintained properly and replaced as needed for best results.

How do I know if I need brake service?

Modern braking systems on modern vehicles are so important and well built that there is almost no chance they will fail with no warning. The brake rotors on almost every production vehicle has a small piece of metal attached to it called an annunciator. When the pads touch this strip it makes a sound that is unmistakable and easy to identify. When you hear it, the time to make an appointment for Cadillac brake repair is now.

Signs brake repair is needed:

  • Worn out brake pads.
  • Cracks on the rotors from heat stress.
  • Loose fitting pads on the caliper.
  • Missing or damaged noise insulators.

Some other signs there are problems with the brakes on a vehicle include, the vehicle pulling to one side or another when the brake pedal is pressed as well as if the brake pedal has a lot of play or goes to the floor with a mushy feeling.


Cadillac Specials

Cadillac often offers discounts and rebates for parts and services that aren’t widely advertised. However you can always find the latest offers on this page. These specials can be just about anything and it is a good idea to always check back and make sure you aren’t missing something you need that could save you money on needed Cadillac maintenance at Cavender Cadillac.