Cavender Cadillac Maintenance Tips

Tip #1

Have your oil changed regularly- If you drive an older vehicle it is normally recommended to have your oil changed every 3,000 miles, but on newer vehicles you can go over 3,000 miles if your oil life indicator says your oil is ok. Your oil life indicator not only measures how many miles you go, but also your driving conditions, and some measure the oil directly by using sensors to detect conductivity, mechanical properties, soot concentration, and presence of water. Don’t you love technology?

Tip #2

Rotate your tires every 4,500 miles. This will not only make your tires last longer, but also make your car ride better. Who doesn’t love a smooth riding car?

Tip #3

Check your tire pressure at least once a month to ensure you and your passengers safety. Tire pressure gauges go for around 10 dollars at most stores. Don’t know what your tire pressure should be at? Check your owner’s manual or call your local dealership.

Tip #4

Wax your car around once every 3 months. If your car is exposed to harsh conditions you should consider waxing more often. Waxing can prevent abuse from things like ultraviolet light, ozone, exhaust, bug guts, salt, and bird droppings.

Tip #5

You should inspect your tires often. Do you think you need to get your tires changed, but are unsure? Use the Abraham Lincoln Penny method by placing a penny in the tread of your tire facing you with the head down. If you cannot see the hair on the top of Abe’s head then your tires are fine. You can also use a tread depth indicator as well.

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